Making Street Art


Streeth curates, mints and auctions world
most acclaimed street artists’ masterpieces.
On the Ethereum blockchain.
Streeth is giving NFTs a real, tangible
use case.”




Street Art is the most popular and renowned niche within the global $80B art market and yet, given its scale and public nature, is the only form of art that has never been monetized, traded, collected and privately enjoyed.

It’s also perishable by nature as weather, vandalism and zoning threaten its life cycle. At Streeth we allow collectors to own and enjoy Street Art pieces while ensuring their unicity and eternity on the Ethereum blockchain.




You can visit the Street Art piece you own, pull out your phone, scan the Streeth QR code and be prompted to its Street official listing page showing you are the legitimate owner.

You can visit the Street Art piece you own, pull out your phone, scan the Streeth QR code and be prompted to its Street official listing page showing you are the legitimate owner.



As Seen On


Famous artist signs an exclusive rights of sale contract with Streeth.

Art drop is announced, scheduled and promoted

Auction begins and bidding starts

Auction ends and art is sold to the highest bidder

Transaction is registered on the Blockchain and ownership is transferred

Art piece is stored into collector’s Vault page

Auctioned art show up on Streeth’s World Map with full details

Collected art can be kept in the private Vault, re-sold on the marketplace or lent to the Streeth’s Museum.

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Foundation Founder’s funding Whitepaper, Roadmap & Tokenomics Website V1 Team, Advisors & Artists

Q1 2022

Fundraise completed
Website v2
Growth, development and marketing campaigns
Streethers Genesis NFTs collection
Communities & socials launch

Q2 2022

Token Issuance
DEX Listing
Partner Staking pools
Audit, Legal opinion, Trademark

Q3 2022

Streethers Villa Pass NFTs collection
CEX Listing
Miami office
Marketplace Platform development

Q4 2022

Metaverse Museum partnership
Streeth Origin NFTs collection
Miami & London event

Q1-Q2 2023

Token Distribution to contributors completed
Marketplace Platform launch
Genesis Collective launch
Token Strategy Update

Q3-Q4 2023

Streeth Merch
Streeth x Charity minting event
Streethers Villa NFTs collection
Art Partnership program

Seed 6.7%
Presale 3.3%
Team 4%
Founders 5%
Advisors 6%
Dev/ops 20%
Reserves 15%
Liquidiy 10%
Staking 10%
Ecosystem 4.9%
Burned 15.3%
Streeth Pie Chart Information
Allocation % of Tokens N of Tokens Listing Unlock Months to Full Release Vesting Schedule
Seed 6.66% 20,000,000 10% 9 9 months unlock (10%)
Private 1.11% 3,333,333 10% 9 9 months unlock (10%)
Public 0.71% 2,142,857 30% 2 2 months unlock (35%)
Team 4% 12,000,000 0% 10 6 months cliff - 4 months unlock (25%)
Founders 5% 15,000,000 0% 10 6 months cliff - 4 months unlock (25%)
Advisors 6% 18,000,000 0% 10 6 months cliff - 4 months unlock (25%)
Developments/Operations 20% 60,000,000 0% 21 1 month cliff - 20 months unlock (5%)
Reserves 15% 45,000,000 0% 25 25 months unlock (4%)
Liquidity 10% 30,000,000 3.33% 14 14 months unlock (6.90%)
Staking 10% 30,000,000 0% tbd 1 month cliff - unlocked as needed - max 1,000,000 per month
Ecosystem 6.19% 18,523,810 10% 23 5 months cliff - 18 months unlock (5%)
Burned 15.33% 46,000,000 - - All burned



A cryptographically-secure utility token to act as a transferable representation of attributed functions and designed to have a key role in the functioning of the Streeth ecosystem.
icon set / marketplace-bag


A fully owned and mechanics governed, operational marketplace where curated Street Art masterworks will be auctioned and minted, transferring ownership to the new owners.
icon set / nft


A platform where exclusive collabs and featuring with notorious artists will be showcased in multi-edition drops and offered for minting to our users from anywhere in the world.
icon set / vault-box


A state of the art, on-chain and fully secured personal Vault where collectors host, collect and display owned Street Art masterworks. It can be kept private or made public.
icon set / world-map

World Map

An interactive planetary Map with live and geo-localized pins of upcoming auctions, NFT drops, concluded sales, secondary-market bids and artworks full details.
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A foundation built on the metaverse and accessed through full-experience VR/AR visors. Visitors will be able to admire privately owned Street Art pieces offered by collectors.


Danilo De Rosa


Performance Marketer & Manager with 15 years experience in Fintech & Startups.

Enrico Nonino

Chief Marketing Officer

Senior marketing executive at global digital powerhouses and unicorn companies.

Matthew Jiang

Back End Architect

Seasoned Full Stack developer with extensive experience in Blockchain integrations.

Lorenzo Smorti

Design Lead
Senior Creative Director & UI/UX designer with countless digital products developed.

Demian Tatay

Frontend Developer
Creative Frontend developer with a successful track record both in UI/UX design and development projects.

Jay Huang

Blockchain Developer
Solidity & Smart Contracts coder with numerous cryptocurrency ventures developed.


Marco Calamassi


Serial entrepreneur & tech advocate with early proficiency in Blockchain advancements.

Rolands Zilvinskis

VR / 3D

Acclaimed 3D artist, motion designer and metaverse expert who participated in a multitude of collaborations worldwide.

Marcel Katz

Art curation / direction

An art prodige known as the “Art Plug”, he has curated & exhibited art for brands like Virgin, Universal, Lyft and many more.

Federico Lazzerini

Marketing / Communication

Forbes 30 Under 30 renowned marketer & communicator who helped hundreds of companies worldwide.

Fabrizio Perrone

Talent / Relationships

Fortune 40 Under 40 Angel investor & tech innovator, leader in the Influencer Marketing & Gaming sectors.

Umberto C. Cerchi

Community / Growth

Kryptomon founder & venture builder, he has ignited communities with hundreds of thousands of passionate members.

Jay Edward Smith

Technical / Fundamentals

eToro most respected trader with over $160M following his trades, he’s a futurist advocate & crypto early adopter.

Joe Grech

Cryptos / NFTs

Chiliz’s Head of Crypto & FanMarketCap’s founder, he’s played an instrumental role in executing campaigns for Unicorn companies.


More top artists to come

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